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Book a tour to Montenegro from city Cruz-Bay online, quickly and easily, without overpaying. Tours ru. Welcome! Sea, sun, tranquil beaches — a Paradise for travelers. Everything is real here and now! Affordable prices, friendly service, great conditions. On the website constantly held various promotions for the purchase of vouchers. After completing some conditions you can save and get in Cruz-Bay excellent discount. Tour operator official website. Article will tell you about some of the features that you should look for when choosing Montenegro for vacation. Do you know

When to go to Montenegro?

The swimming season in Montenegro lasts long enough. It starts in April and ends in late November. The average sea temperature throughout the season kept within 20-25°C. To buy a tour. However, at the end of the bathing season this country is ready to delight its tourists from city Cruz-Bay wonderful holiday. And in that time, you can save considerably. Winter months comfortable for excursions to the monuments and historical objects. If you are planning a vacation with children, then choose tours in July or August. At this time the seawater is heated to the maximum and your kids can enjoy swimming. One has only to take care of sunscreens, because the skin children's skin is not adapted to the scorching sunlight, and in this period it is especially mercilessly. Well, those who prefer a more comfortable temperature, waiting for the velvet season. He's coming in Montenegro in September, and ends with the Oct. This time, when the sea is still warm and varies between 22°C and the air temperature is not as great as in the mid-and late summer. Tour operator Biblio. With the winter months and until the end of March opened a ski holiday. Weather conditions are extremely favorable for the downhill. Well-equipped ski station, bright sun, sharp winds, no. Climate and natural diversity of Montenegro are ideal for trips out there for medicinal purposes. Sulfur water, mud with medicinal effect of radon the keys are waiting for you! In addition to the natural healing properties in the country developed a medical examination at the level of European clinics. This is a great place for the treatment of respiratory and nervous systems, skin and musculoskeletal system. Pegasus search tour. If you expect from Cruz-Bay to visit Montenegro for medicinal purposes, go there in spring or autumn. Do you know

The advantages of holiday in Montenegro

Montenegro is a beautiful resort located on the Adriatic coast! Here there is a lesson for any tourist from the city of Cruz-Bay. For those who prefer beach holidays, Montenegro has prepared unspoilt coastline full of pristine landscapes. The purity of the sea much better than other popular resorts. The coast you can choose to your taste: soft warm sand or a pebble. Tours tour operator. It is ideal for people who prefer the environment. In Montenegro one can feel the coziness and comfort of the city and the absolute unity with nature. Gorgeous green forest, parkland, equipped for walking. For lovers of active recreation open its arms to the beautiful mountain trails. Available to tourists climbing, yachting, diving. Developed ski resorts. Fishing enthusiasts from Cruz-Bay can try their hand both at sea and on the quiet surface of rivers and lakes, which are here in abundance. The Ministry of tourism and sports. The resort has been developed relatively recently and the hotel business has not yet reached the highest level. But the service is very decent, the staff friendly, the rooms are cozy and comfortable. The most famous Montenegrin resorts are located in the bays, where small access winds. From this holiday becomes even more comfortable. Budva, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Petrovac and many other resorts are waiting for you.

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How to buy in Montenegro a ticket?

To order the trip to the resorts of Montenegro from city Cruz-Bay, please place your order online. It indicate your chosen tour, travel time, the number of tourists. Be careful when filling the data for feedback. The versa tour operator. The website automatically calculate the price of your order after discounts and promotions. You'll call a qualified technician for tourism in the city of Cruz-Bay for further details and confirmation of the order.


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