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Tomatoes wholesale Slavonski-Brod

Interested in selling tomatoes in the city of Slavonski-Brod? Welcome! Sell onions in bulk. Only fresh, natural, selected tomatoes for you in the online store. For all customers a good selection of high-quality tomatoes at the best prices. Conditions of purchase on the website as comfortable and beneficial. For customers regular promotions and discounts that will surprise and delight any customer. The quality of the sold vegetables and wonderful service in Slavonski-Brod guaranteed. After making your first order you will not be disappointed with the purchase. Purchase products wholesale. All who value their name, tools and time required to assess the site from the point of view of reliability and quality!

Popular types and varieties of tomatoes

Based on the size of the fetus, in the city of Slavonski-Brod is possible to allocate following groups: large; medium; small. To large type of tomato is one of the well-known varieties of "Bull's heart", which is popular for its flavor, juicy flesh, ideal for salads, soups or sauces. Sell wholesale beet. For canning it is not suitable because of its large size. Tomatoes of the variety "pioneer" can be attributed to the average size and weight. They are ideal for use in food in fresh and for canning. Tomatoes of this variety can be purchased earlier than other varieties, due to their rapid maturation. Plum tomatoes can also be attributed to the group of medium fruit. This is one of the most widespread types of tomatoes on the shelves. Small can be called tomato varieties "White filling" and "cherry". These tomatoes in Slavonski-Brod, though small, but udalenkaya! They are incredibly delicious, juicy, flavorful. To buy products wholesale. Perfectly combined with other vegetables and a variety of foods in salads and other dishes. They can decorate any culinary creation.

Unusual types of tomatoes

All of the above species and varieties of tomatoes in the city of Slavonski-Brod is quite familiar and common. But there are no less delicious unusual types of tomatoes: white, green, yellow, orange, black (brown). White tomatoes have a particular taste, as they contain no acid, but rich in sugar, vitamin A, carotene. Frozen vegetables wholesale. There are many varieties of white tomatoes: "Snow white", "Bull's heart white, heart-shaped white" and others. Selenopidae varieties are low in acid and rich in sugar. They are suitable for consumption for those who suffer from allergies and can not afford to eat ordinary red tomatoes. These varieties of tomatoes are many, some of them: "Swamp", "Green Candyman", "the emerald Gem". Useful to the immune system, strengthening the protective functions of the organism recognized by the yellow tomatoes. They differ in juiciness and flavor. Perfect for canning. Yellow tomatoes tolerate the transportation and long time storage. Very popular in Slavonski-Brod are varieties such as "Golden harvest", the "Golden bull", "Yellow sugar", "yellow Peach". Similar in its characteristics with yellow tomatoes and orange tomatoes: "Melon", "orange", "Ray". They are rich in vitamin A. Carrots washed wholesale. Black and brown tomatoes do not always attract attention because of his unusual for such vegetable colors, but their varieties are incredibly good for the body and contain huge amounts of antioxidants: "the Black Prince", "Black Tulip", "Sugar brown". More details

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Choose the variety of tomato and their number
  3. Confirm the purchase by answering the incoming call from the Manager
  4. Complete payment one of the possible ways and get the best product

How to buy tomatoes in bulk?

You can buy the desired variety of tomato wholesale in the city of Slavonski-Brod, spending only a few minutes. For this you need to request a online purchase. Pass bow wholesale. This can be done at any time of the day. In special fields of application will report the data for feedback, while be as careful. Indicate the tomato varieties that you have chosen to purchase, and the number of them. The website is equipped with an automatic system that calculates the value of your purchase with the appropriate deduction for the discount. Your phone number will receive an inbound call from the sales Manager of wholesale tomatoes in Slavonski-Brod, in response to which you will need to confirm the application for the purchase of goods. The forecast price of vegetables 2020. Great selection and pleasant cooperation.!


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